Thomas C. Bradley is a commercial artist based in Portland, Oregon. Born in Oklahoma, Thomas got his degree at Maryland Institute College of Art. After 10+ years of experience in the design industry, Thomas comes to New York for his first solo exhibit at Chinatown Soup, whose logo he brought to life over two years ago.

Thomas approaches painting from a standpoint of simplification, composition, and activation of negative space. His background in design has instilled in him the belief that with every graphic representation comes a particular set of problems to solve. Thomas depicts his subjects, sense of space, mood, and feeling through a limited visual vocabulary of basic shape, compositional rhythm, and restrained color palette.

Though Thomas’s largest source of painting inspiration comes from logo design and clip-art illustration of the past fifty years, references to Duchamp, Matisse, and other artistic influences are peppered throughout his work. The paintings featured in this exhibition have been created over the past six months.

Chinatown Soup