This exhibition presents a body of work that documents the artist discovering New York. Series of mixed media collages can be read as a material response to the psychic brutality and transformative intrusions that the city imposes on its recent arrivals. MANGDA welcomes the intuitive challenge as an opportunity to create.

Mangda’s work is a ritualistic disassembly through which she reimagines reality with pastels, paints, found images, and thread. Bold juxtapositions of form and color range from inches to feet, piecing together an aesthetic universe that is both raw and abstract.

In her process, the woman becomes the medium. Cutting paper channels a novel mystical rite to produce a methodology of healing, protection, and soul nourishment through the summoning of ancient, ephemeral energies. In her adoration of original peoples, faces, and physical adornments, Mangda communes with pure acts of humanness and elemental spirits that keep her company in an oneiric cityscape she now calls home.

Mangda Sengvanhpheng is a mixed media artist who lives and works in Chinatown. At an early age she began tearing apart magazines and since then, she has been driven to reassemble and reimagine — a method for reconstructing reality. Her art is rooted in a mystical practice that explores the intertwined motion of evolution and consciousness, the gravity of transcendence, and the raw minerals of emotion.

Chinatown Soup