Buy! Sell! "Pass GO" and "Collect $200 of Chinese Lucky Money!" Or, "Go to Court!". All the fun and excitement of Parker Brothers classic real estate trading game is complicated by Gentrification: Chinatown Edition. Produced by Chinatown Soup, the game invites players to buy local businesses of all types, from the dollar dumping house to the art gallery that just moved in next door. 

Determine who gets to live in your neighborhood by adding affordable housing units, condominiums, and hotels. Consider the many factors that create a community and decide if amassing a fortune through money and property makes you a winner…

Gentrification: Chinatown Edition will be on display March 6—31 in the Ace Hotel New York Gallery Annex, a small space for big ideas. Conveniently located by the Lobby’s bar and W/C, the cabinet has housed ceramics, dollar-store deals, radical political ephemera, and fabric art.

Chinatown Soup