The concept of teleportation emerged during Kantapon Metheekul’s move to New York, which has been defined, in part, by the massive amount of pressure attached to pursuing one’s dreams and making the most of unexpected opportunities.

Kantapon said of his decision to create this series, “Sometimes you can't see where all of this is taking you. I figured that my feelings are mutual to many others living here, so I imagined a friend who passes through a black circle to represent the freedom we possess to travel anywhere and do anything. As she moves through this infinite gateway, she motivates us and can become a companion when we feel lonely in a city full of people.”

Known as “Gongkan” from his worldwide street art tableaus, Kantapon’s creativity also extends to digital and fine art. His professional experience includes four years in advertising and illustrating for international companies such as Louis Vuitton and Mercedes Benz. Kantapon’s versatile style has won recognition from Cannes Lions, Clio, and Spikes Asia.

When he’s not traveling for an exhibition or festival, Kantapon enjoys participating in public art projects both locally and abroad. Wherever he goes, Kantapon constantly transmutes the raw material of his experience into inspiration for his hand-drawn illustrations of everyday life, time travel, and intimacy.

Born and raised in Bangkok, Kantapon maintains a strong relationship with his homeland while living and creating in New York.

Chinatown Soup