Curley Sussman Rise Projects presents the opening of Terrible Children, an exhibition of eight emerging artists from the New York area. Join us in consuming the works of Susannah Benjamin, Harrison Curley, Zach Krall, Maxime La, Brielle Mordant, Cat Raynor, Elise Rise, Ashley Thompson, and Gerardo Veltri.

Each artist above creates work engaging with the Millennial condition, one described well in the borrowed-French "l'Enfant Terrible." Our current generation of rising artists engage in behavior labeled child-like and generally monstrous by the old-guard. We draw from sources as inane as they are engaging, our colors clash or blur or abuse the eye, and our subject matter is as often narcissistic as it is globally-minded. These artists are prepared to engage with the viewers and those outside themselves through the art they present in this show, to lay bare a glorified if not abstracted selfie through art in the age of life curation.

Chinatown Soup