On September 16, 2000, "it elf” author, columnist, playwright, filmmaker, open mic host and underground movie star, Reverend Jen, launched the first (and only) Troll Museum in her six-floor walk-up on Orchard Street. What happened next was nothing short of spectacular! Droves of troll doll fans and curious visitors flocked, attracting press from around the world to her tiny studio.

The Troll Museum quickly solidified its iconic status as dark days befell the Lower East Side. Reverend Jen reports, “Gentrification took hold, and our neighborhood's quirky village of theaters and art stars quickly became a strip mall for douchebags.” Following this unwelcome influx, a massive steam pipe explosion destroyed half of the museum’s collection and almost killed Jen's beloved Chihuahua, Rev. Jen Junior. Despite these setbacks, the Troll Museum persevered.

Almost two decades later, extreme life circumstances found Jen and Junior evicted and homeless. The court allowed six hours to retrieve 21 years worth of items from the once resplendent Troll Museum. A team of artists took what they could, but where to put it? Soup stepped in to preserve and celebrate this precious local archive. For two weeks, we will host paintings, prints, Trolls, performances, and special activities featuring free art school with the Reverend, an iTunes audio tour with an intro by pop star (and longstanding Troll Museum patron) Moby plus picnics, proms, and parades. Everyone is invited. Let's keep downtown weird.

Chinatown Soup