Knorts is a premium denim knitwear line handmade with the finest indigo-dyed yarn that fades into a reflection of your daily life. It is a fresh denim experience that maintains an unusual knitted aesthetic only fit to be the individualist’s uniform. Each garment offers the most intimate pleasure of unrestricted movement while accentuating the most flattering curves of your body. 

Based in Los Angeles since inception, the denim knitwear concept emerged with the intention of mimicking the city’s laid-back atmosphere through maintaining denim’s famous look while leaving behind denim’s infamous feel. The brand's re-imagination of classic silhouettes into relaxed knitted denim has been embraced by the venturer who refuses adherence to society’s restrictions. Each garment is thoughtfully designed to build their wardrobe’s foundation on textured layers perfect for varying climates of the next destination. 

Chinatown Soup