Lost Cat™ is a brand in search of answers. We question every aspect of business in our search for new ways of interacting with consumers. We believe a brand that is not afraid to stray from tradition can discover great new ones. Why are most retail spaces designed primarily for standing? To maximize traffic, low commitment entry, unrestrained browsing, & so on. But how beneficial are these to the retail experience? We hope to find out.

Lost Cat™’s Sit-Down Shop juxtaposes retail products with a restaurant model. Requiring patrons to sit-down at a table & browse a menu of shirts, sweatshirts, & accessories. Once served by our waitstaff they can stay to enjoy our shop’s ambiance or request the check. This concept favors quality interactions with customers over quantity. Although it limits passive browsers, it will hopefully benefit enthusiastic customers with a more attentive experience. It also aims to maximize the amount of time customers spend in the shop, theoretically maximizing their potential purchase. The qualitative & quantitative results will be divulged in Lost Cat’s 2016 Annual Report.

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