Invited to Tea refers to the practice of inviting dissidents to a sit-down as a pretext for detaining them. The exhibit (partially inspired by the Chinese government’s harassment of a participant in activities related to the gallery’s recent show, FIREWALL) refracts censorship through the lens of an Orwellian computer graphics universe.

Everett Kane’s portraits and videos study the skin of a culture that is routinely subjected to the coercion of media, social interactions, and politics. The work examines pain, emotion, violence, madness, torture and animal cruelty through hybridized subjects who have been flayed by the hidden brutalities of life. Kane draws influences from the Viennese Situationists, German Expressionism, Francis Bacon, and the Independent Group. His work deconstructs the photograph and cinema still as historical documents while indicating the viewer's complicity in the rituals which keep us in place. This is his first solo show in New York.

Chinatown Soup