Chinatown Soup is pleased to present Gundi SZN I, an exhibition exploring South Asian femme identity in the motherland and diaspora. Collaborative works between Natasha and Meetra Javed, Pretika Menon, and Sarang Aigalikar consider independence within the South Asian community across different classes and geographies. Please join us for an opening reception on Tuesday, September 17 from 6-9pm. This exhibition is Gundi’s first presentation in New York and will be on view through September 22, 2019.

Gundi Studios is a slow fashion and progressive media brand that celebrates outspoken South Asian womxn. Mainly, the collective functions as a female-driven supply chain that produces streetwear designed to honor historical resistance movements.

In 2019, Gundi Studios is on tour, hosting week-long exhibitions spanning three continents and cities: Bombay, New York, and London. Women are often victimized by the fast fashion industry, as advertising targets female insecurities to generate demand for products made by disenfranchised (and often South Asian female) garment workers. Gundi responds by creating a community that acts against exploitation and for empowerment. This series of exhibitions invites the public to engage with responsible, conscious fashion. Each space features an immersive art installation, inclusive events, and opportunities for curated conversations.

SZN I works span film, photography, and an AR component to highlight the relationship between South Asian womxn as both consumers and producers of fashion culture.

Natasha Sumant founded Gundi Studios in 2017. Born in India, she graduated from Parsons in 2014 with a BFA in Communication Design. Previously, she worked as an Art Director and Visual Designer for agencies and brands including Sweden Unlimited, Away, Prose, Pat McGrath, Bandier, and more. Natasha’s work explores her rich cultural heritage as a process of self discovery. She is based in Brooklyn and Bombay.

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