Chinatown Soup is pleased to present Overgrown, an exhibition of paintings by Anthony Padilla. Please join us for an opening reception on Friday, May 10 from 6-9pm.

And now, a word from the artist…

Hi - Anthony Padilla here. I am originally from Dallas, Texas and live in Brooklyn working in art production. My painting process begins as sporadic and spontaneous, transitioning to slow and methodical. From the top left corner, I work my first coat from left to right until I have covered the canvas entirely. Second and third layers bring out dark shadows and bright highlights that create visual depth and a sense of enclosure. I’m always surprised by the effect of duality in color. I like to believe that the steady and rhythmic nature of my method adds to overall cohesion and consistency in my work.

Growing up in Texas, the beauty of the outdoors felt vast, despite it being a homogenous environment. While my subject matter does not reflect the Texan landscape, I channel the energy of its creeks and wooded nooks with every brushstroke. Natural wonders retain immense power, whether a single blade of grass or a densely packed forest full of life. Georgia O'Keefe and Henri Rousseau appreciated these marvels from their respective perspectives - her rich palettes and smooth lines combined with his fantastical imagery and immersive feeling inspire a supreme engagement with the natural.

Exploring the chaotic elements of our planet is an exercise in understanding elegance. Rainforests provide a particularly rich lens for this pursuit through the complexity of their randomness. As I paint these peculiar densities, I realize patterns beyond beauty. It is my hope that everyone who encounters a painting I’ve made uncovers their own transcendent moment.

Chinatown Soup