Denia Eato was born and raised in New York City—at sea level, 
on the shore line 
of the largest port of call on the east coast.

The art of SeatoEato dwells in boxes, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in 3D sterile aquariums that recall the watery blanket of her childhood environment. Every seeming speck of surface is adorned with gemstones, lending at once the heaviness of being under water and the lightness of floating through it.

Thousands of refractory prisms dazzle, but faces of onlookers block light from shining on the very gems they try to study. At the right angle and for a brief moment, you may glimpse the needlepoint meticulousness with which Denia transforms wooden walls, as delicately as if she were sewing through the tulle she adapts to line their edges. Or string. Or seashells. Or confetti.

The fluency with which the artist transforms these materials collected from her home gives pause for consideration of the untapped treasures that reside in our kitchen junk drawers. 

Also, she’s a Pisces, so…you already know.

Denia Eato makes art in Brooklyn and commutes to Chinatown. When she isn't repurposing household items, Denia can be found holding it down at our favorite pizza joint up the block. 

Chinatown Soup