Needles Matter is a presentation of textile works by artists Domina Jia and Nothing Matters at Chinatown Soup. 

Through embroidery, needle felt, and mixed media, these artists are contributing a visual language to their communities that affirms and celebrates people of color.

Domina Jia commemorates friends who have influenced their writing and art practice by using words and phrases to make custom love letters in a series called For Others.

In Consent Alter, Domina Jia delivers different ways to say “Yes, No, and Maybe” in the form of a patch surrounding needle-felted sculptures made during their time as a professional dominatrix. For Me showcases words of their personal identity and attendant phrases in the same medium.

Nothing Matters explores tattoo culture and skateboarding through depictions of black and POC humans. His work gives visibility to black communities, whose identities are often sidelined. Through his art and patience, Nothing Matters seeks to perfect a time-consuming technique as meditative needlework. 

Domina Jia has been a visual artist and story-teller for most of their life. They identify as a Transgendered Korean Creative from Hawaii, Gallerist for Disclaimer Gallery, Political Activist, Model, Piercer/Body Worker, and Events Organizer for No Flowers for Yt Powers. Screenwriting and poetry introduced them to the art world, and their primary visual art medium is textiles. Domina Jia has BDSM Performances lined up for February 2019 in Brooklyn, NY.

Nothing Matters is a human living in Brooklyn. He has been making textile art for three years and hopes to do so until he dies. He would like to contribute to and start conversations about people of color in skateboarding and tattoo culture. Black American Traditional Tattoos should already be a thing, but it ain’t.

Chinatown Soup