The Team, in collaboration with Chinatown Soup, is pleased to present their inaugural exhibition, Soon: South Asian Evocations and Becomings. The program is co-curated by Ayqa Khan, Somnath Bhatt, Noor Bhangu, and Priyanka Voruganti.

This exhibition centers the work of emerging South Asian artists around future-oriented dialogues. It brings together print, video, photography, sound, and mixed media projects produced by artists living in South Asia who are affected by the diaspora. 

Ranging from the banal to the ornamental with pessimistic and optimistic perspectives, the exhibition creates an atmosphere of complexity that we may consider to be both the inheritance and future of South Asian art. For example, Seema Mattu weaves nostalgia throughout found imagery to affect a visually disoriented, if not all together chaotic, future. While, for somebody, like Aruni Dharmakirti, moving forward through radical storytelling is matched with an insistence on remembrance and survival. 

Chinatown Soup