This series of performances, What Kind of Technology is Culture?, spans multiple venues and the entire Asia Contemporary Art Week, presenting a technical perspective on the construction of culture. We propose culture is formed the way an iPhone is built—through a procedure that can be generalized, replicated and even exported. 

Christopher K Ho's new performative lecture roams over “tiger” parenthood and life planning in an Asian/American context. 

I’m Making a Boy Band (IMMABB), a reverse-engineered K-Pop phenomenon, will perform original songs and talk about cultural exports. 

Song Ta will screen and survey his performance work, which perverts administrative tactics of ranking. 

We've opened our exhibition Face to Interface at Chinatown Soupthe fruit of a rigorous open call that selected Chris Fernald, JS Tan + JJ Tan, and Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin. Their projects, in a presentation co-curated by Chelsea Liu and David Xu Borgonjon, span the online and offline to explore the social life of images.

Chinatown Soup