On August 18th, an eclectic group of 22 up-and-coming photographers will showcase their donated work in an exhibit titled By Us to benefit the nonprofit organization 100CAMERAS.

By Us is inspired by 100CAMERAS’ continued mission to enable and empower the children of the world to find their voices and share their perspectives through photography. The exhibit will showcase a local community of New York-based photographers and their shared passion for the art of analog photography. Participating photographers have donated these never-before-seen images, ensuring that 100% of proceeds will be donated to 100CAMERAS.

Alongside the aforementioned exhibit, By Us will feature 100CAMERAS’ most recent project with Casa Amarela, a cultural center created by renowned artist JR in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In collaboration with JR’s nonprofit CoFondation, 100CAMERAS was able to give cameras to a group of local youth, offering them a month-long course in photography and encouraging creative  expression through visual storytelling.

By Us offers a unique opportunity for the New Yorker to witness a palpable and universal truth. Two entirely different worlds of photography collide in a gallery space known for it’s commitment to enabling, integrating, and democratizing  art for all. The result is the realization that between professional photographers  from the city and young explorers from the developing world, the commonality  is greater than the disparity. Photography is a global means of expression and the perspective is a powerful tool that presents an opportunity to supersede  social, economic, and political differences.  

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