in ATMworld is an ongoing collaborative text, performative collage, housewarming gift, curb finding, trash reincarnation, search engine dis-optimization, MS Paint on a public computer, pile of office paper stickers, free copies, free Kewpies, by whatever means possible, no context. Borrowing it's name from an ATM parts and equipment company based in Long Island City, the project visualizes the presence of non bank affiliated ATMs throughout New York City.

Greene collaborated with programmer Mark Bosz to hack an ATM machine and code it to run as a game that invites players to question issues of global economics embedded in our screens. What is the relationship between a bit and a bit of truth?

After Google searching the last male white rhino, who lives surrounded 24/7 by armed guards, and discovering the phenomenon of hunting virtual animals in virtual Africa as a bar game in Brooklyn, Greene turned her outrage and confusion about society’s silence on systemic violence and exploitation into an interactive search for meaning through art. In Greene’s words, "I am building these structures as a reaction to the end of the world!”

in ATMworld is an understandable reaction to a world with no conceivable solution. Please join us in celebrating Charlotte's first solo show and weeklong gift to society. The outlook is surprisingly hopeful.


Chinatown Soup