If Time Were A Color is an exhibition of painted canvas and neon by Vincent Chung. 

My artwork aims to capture the temperamental nature of human existence, exploring topics like emotional impact over time, examination of the imperfect, and the quest for truth. There is a preciousness that is often associated with painting that I want to confront; therefore I work mostly on the ground, indoors and outdoors which allows my canvas to pick up traces of dirt and debris for unpredictable mark-making. I develop my work by leaving hanging threads, and frays of ripped cotton or linen, so the nature of the materials is brought to the foreground. The work is additionally concerned with the value of labor in an age of instant gratification, and by layering sewn textiles and mounting striking neon fixtures I allow my viewers to reflect on the impact of the different steps of the process. I believe that materiality has the potential to evolve in a space that begins to bring an infinite diversity of beauty in life.”

Vincent Chung is a New York-based visual artist, illustrator, and painter currently working in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Chinatown Soup