People are reborn in New York City. This exhibition presents distinctive works by emerging artists. Various mediums represent the identities of New Yorkers, their values, and disparate notions of collective culture.  

Small run editions encourage accessibility and  discussion that extends beyond a restricted art world. The curation is concerned with questions of historical ownership, market participation, and alternative modes of distribution. 

This multifaceted group of artists work in calligraphy, collage, digital media, glass, graffiti, painting, photography, and material items. 

Corinne Elyse is an illustrator working with mixed media such as glass paintings and dissimilar types of edition. 

Monica Felix is a photographer who experiments with film slides. 

Lance Johnson explores painting and all the potential of colors using strategically graffiti inspirations to represent the urban landscape. 

Joy Jongmin Kim travels through emotional territory using acrylic, oil paint, and sporadic insertions of objects. 

Chandle Lee is a mixed media painter. 

Tengteng is a micro-painter exploring watercolor, oil, acrylic, and tempura.

Chinatown Soup