Call & Response is a collaboration between visual artist Paz Perlman and journalist/photographer Jo Confino. This exhibition explores impermanence, vulnerability, and decay through the lens of an intimate relationship.

Perlman and Confino engage in an ongoing conversation as creative collaborators who are also married to one another. For the past decade, the couple has been practicing with Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and creating work that meditates on transience as well as challenges mainstream perceptions of value.

Perlman draws on her childhood years in Israel for inspiration. She makes art to heal hidden traces of scars left behind by time and events. Her exploration is expressed through scavenging discarded materials to create sculptures and collages. These ruins are transformed into talismans that speak to the continuous process of destruction and rebirth.

“I am particularly interested in the concept of the void,” Perlman says. “Not just as a metaphoric black hole of the unknown, but as a space of infinite potential. I often express this via the minimalistic gesture of ruin-like grid structures, which also highlight imperfection and the collapse of linear time.”

Confino has been a leader in the field of sustainability for over a decade, writing about issues of social and environmental justice that are often ignored. His photography complements this editorial focus by highlighting objects that people often dismiss. Through his work, Confino redefines beauty and illustrates the monumental scale small objects assume when they are drawn to our close attention.


Chinatown Soup