We are a physical phenomenon of the earth, the natural and the constructed, we do not exist in isolation but are in fact are intrinsically connected to everything around us.

In The Wildness Beneath, Vexta acts as a cultural anthropologist and looks at the signs and signifiers within the modern world to analyze and understand what it is that makes us human. Artists, scientists and philosophers have long been investigating our world through observation, theory and experimentation, Vexta continues these investigations with an inquiring mind asking the question: ‘where is our essential wildness?’

For this new body of work Vexta begins by looking at current scientific investigations and specific imagery encountered by chance. She collects figurative images of women and carefully chosen text from modern throw away publications and gives them a new context in collage form, feeding them through her psychedelic colored vision, the discarded now has a fresh, reconstructed meaning, an advertisement is disarmed and the female form is re-empowered and returned to wildness. Words are re-assembled into poetry, modern language used to sell us things, instead used to express the wild calls of the soul. Throughout these points of study, her signature neon saturated geometric shards are boldly used to symbolize the subatomic elements that make up all matter.

The Wildness Beneath is not only a call to return to the wildness of nature but also unravels the wildness that dwells within each of us.

Chinatown Soup