Integrity: The state of being whole and undivided.

How can we be whole?

How can we be undivided?

How can we be most honest with ourselves?

I strive to make work that encourages myself and others to question what integrity means in relation to our healing processes. I have found that allowing myself to be whole is the best way to heal. Embracing the darkest corners and stomaching hard truths has pushed me forward in knowing my most authentic self. By accepting the duality of our existence we can begin to heal. And with healing comes integrity.

My art provides the sense of unity and connection I need to feel understood. Through the use of disparate mediums such as drawing, sewing, painting, and storytelling, I harness my imagination to combat feelings of distance and separation.

Althea James comes to New York from California, where she curated group art shows and practiced organic  farming as part of the WWOOF movement. On the east coast, she enjoys being employed as a decorative artist for a commercial wallpaper company, making art as a resident at Soup, and tattooing her friends. 

Chinatown Soup