Greetings from Chinatown Soup!

Here's a quick recap of what you already know: we’re an art space located on Orchard Street at the border of New York's Lower East Side. Our brick-and-mortar home draws from the Stone Soup folk parable and artist-run collectives of 1970’s New York to experiment with expressing how we want to be in the world. 

Community…y tho? What does that even mean? Showcasing emerging artists, producing public programs, and running a cafe/shop are living parts of this concept, but our artist residency program is designed to demonstrate that yes, an affordable, centrally-located creative space in downtown New York can and should exist. Please consider our manifesto-in-the-making, and find more details after the jump.

We dream of a space…
where money doesn't determine value
where recognition conquers discouragement
where art is everyday life
where creating isn’t getting away with something
where doing the impossible is kind of fun
where deconstructing the Canon is playtime
where you deserve what you want
where we can be our most unedited selves

Who: You are an artist with more pointed adjectives at hand to describe yourself. You’re curious, compassionate, and collaborative. Your best and highest answer is “both.” You love to love New York, most especially when it’s bringing you down.

What: An assembly of creatives to please, educate, and ascend

When: Evermore

Where: The Gallery and Studio at Chinatown Soup

Why: Because video killed the radio star

How: Blood, sweat, (mostly happy) tears

So, you’ve made it this far - right on! Here's a logistical overview of what it means to be a resident at Soup:

What you give:

  • Monthly contribution (please inquire)
  • Flexibility
  • Ideas
  • Initiative
  • Friendship

What you get:  

Access to:

  • personal workspace
  • storage space
  • slop sink
  • refrigerator  
  • discount coffee and tea 
  • WiFi
  • Materials for the Arts warehouse

Opportunity to:

  • share your work on the regular with friends
  • present your work to artists/ curators/ critics
  • feature your work through Soup social media & shop
  • exhibit your work solo in the upstairs gallery after completing a four month commitment
  • sell your work

Please email for more information.